Maury Thompson

Nov 14, 2021

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1887 Warren County Fair

Farm animals and prize vegetables were not the only attractions at the 1887 Warren County Fair, held in that era at Glens Falls.

An exhibit of fine furniture, chinaware and art at Floral Hall included “Cupid Captures,” a marble statue that a Glens Falls resident brought back from a visit to Florence, Italy.

“It is the work of (Pasquale) Romanelli, one of the great masters,” The Morning Star reported.

“It would be difficult to conceive of a more symmetrical or more beautiful piece of statuary. It is the embodiment of art, and no lover of art, and no lover of the sculptor’s work, should fail to see it while the opportunity is afforded.”

The fair opened on Sept.6 with more exhibitors and a larger first-day attendance than in previous years.

“The weather was all that could be desired, and the efforts of the management to make this the most successful exhibition in the history of the society bear fruit.”

The St. Mary’s Band was scheduled to perform every afternoon at the fairgrounds, located at that time on property off Glen Street and Lincoln Avenue in Glens Falls.

The Glens Falls Academy canceled afternoon classes all week so that students could attend the fair.

On the second day of the fair, rain shortly after noon postponed some of the horse racing event until Sept. 8.

Keenan Lime Co. exhibited a 985-pound yearling workhorse, deemed “a fine specimen of horse flesh,” and a 1,515-pound stallion.

The Joseph Fowler Collar Co. factory closed Sept. 8, so that employees could spend the day at the fair.

The weather started iffy, but improved.

“Dark clouds obscured the sun’s light … and the threatening aspect of the weather had depressing effect on the observance of the Warren County Agriculture Society, and others who hoped for success at the fair. “About 11 o’clock the sun peeped through its fancy veil, the heavens brightened up, and Nature took on one of its brightest smiles.”

The day’s receipts were $100 more than the third day of the 1886 fair.

L.P. Juvet received first prize for jewelry display.

Impressionist artist Mrs. George R. Harris received a special prize of $10, two first prizes, and a second prize for her paintings on display in Floral Hall.

The fair was deemed a success.

“The efforts of the managers to give a credible exhibition has resulted in establishing a standard after which future administrations would do well to copy,” The Morning Star editorialized.

Sources: The Morning Star of Glens Falls Sept. 7–10,1887.