50 Years ago in Glens Falls — Fighting tooth decay

Maury Thompson
3 min readMay 14, 2024

Was it a bird? Was it a plane?

No — Jt was John Waldman as the superhero character Superbrush, taking on Douglas Bohanon as Mean Old Tooth Decay and Stanley Rummel Jr. as Mr. Germ.

Glens Falls youngsters were fighting tooth decay with drama.

Sally Secombe’s first grade class at Broad Street School in Glens Falls presented the play “Superbrush and the Molars” to commemorate dental health week, The Post-Star reported on Feb. 19, 1974.

Other actors included Dana Tabor as Miss Good Food.

In other 1974 Glens Falls area news collected from The Post-Star archives:

  • Three photos by Walter Grishkot — of the Adirondack Balloon Festival — of Lake George and of the Emerson sawmill at Warrensburg — were included in an exhibit of art from New York’s 62 counties on display at the Legislative Office Building at the state capital in Albany, The Post-Star reported on Feb. 12.
  • Explorer C. Barry Bisnet of Glens Falls was part of a 6-member honor guard that presented the Boy Scouts of America New York annual report to Gov. Malcolm Wilson in Albany, The Post-Star reported on Feb. 18.

Bisnet was a member of the Medical Explorers Post which Glens Falls Hospital sponsored.

  • Tom Ross and Kathy Flewelling were crowned King and Queen of the Adirondack Community College Winter Festival, The Post-Star reported on Feb. 28.
  • Kay Saunders was among several Warren County women that attended the three-day State Federation of Republican Women’s Clubs convention at the Hyatt Hotel in Albany, The Post-Star reported on March 2.
  • Members of the West Mountain free style ski team competed at the Eastern Junior Freestyle Championships at Waterville Ski Area in New Hampshire, The Post-Star reported on March 2.

Suzanne Howe, age 12, of Glens Falls placed first in the stunt and ballet events, seventh in aerial, third in hot dog and third overall for girls.

Scott Howe of Glens Falls placed sixth overall for boys, Tim Hudson of Glens Falls eighth, and Earnest Forst of Glens Falls eleventh.

  • Henry LaLonde, a Glens Falls police officer, and Mickey Luce, a Lake George teacher, won first place in two-man North American Toboggan Championships at Lake Placid, The Post Star reported on Feb. 28.
  • Scott Swartz, a student at Kensington Road School, won first place in the elementary school category of Glens Falls School District reading slogan contest with the slogan, “Be a Reader and Be a Leader,” The Post-Star reported on March 4.

Chris Grahame, a student at Glens Falls Senior High, won the secondary school category with the slogan, “Let Reading Expand Your Horizons.”

  • Roger Chadwick of Hudson Falls, a student at University of Nebraska, was voted Outstanding Athlete of the Big Eight Track and Field Championships, winning first place in two events, The Post-Star reported on March 4.

“Chadwick copped his specialty, the half-mile, in 1:63, forty-five minutes after he breezed to victory in the 600-yard run with a clocking of 1:12.6.”

  • Glens Falls Fire Department members Arthur Trackey and Harold Kingsley read issues of “Fire Engineering” and “Fire Control” magazines as part of the citywide observance of “Right to Read Day,” The Post-Star reported on March 5.
  • Quotable — “News from inflation battlefront gives consumers a helpless feeling. … The helpless feeling comes from there is no miracle weapon against these price gyrations.” — editorial, March 4.

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