Century-old Ti — Couple of ringers

This is the latest in a series of posts about news reported a century ago in the Ticonderoga Sentinel.

Facing a “tough proposition,” the Ticonderoga Papermakers young men’s basketball team brought in a couple of ringers for their Thanksgiving evening game against the Schenectady Maple Leafs at the Ticonderoga Playhouse Court.

Rollin Crowley and Vincent Richards Jr., Fordham University basketball stars, suited up for the game after eating Thanksgiving dinner with Crowley’s family.

“It should be a game worth seeing,” the Ticonderoga Sentinel reported on Nov. 25, 1920.

Win or lose, the Papermakers hoped to avoid repeating the embarrassment of an 80–12 road game loss to the Mineville Miners on Nov. 19.

“Playing with a patched-up line-up, two of the regulars being absent, the Ticonderoga team was unmercifully trimmed by the Mineville five. … Playing loosely and with no semblance of team work, the Ticonderogians were unable to cope with the Miners, but, to their credit, they never ceased trying.”

Ticonderoga fans were surprised, because the previous evening the Papermakers had defeated the Miners in Ticonderoga 39–34.

The Papermakers would have no home games the week after Thanksgiving because the Belgarde Stock Co., a touring vaudeville trope, had The Playhouse booked for the whole week.

In other Nov. 25, 1920 Ticonderoga Sentinel news:

Gordon Burleigh was home from Albany Business College for the week visiting family.

Ladies of the Circle C at Church of the Cross were taking orders for Christmas plum puddings.

Cost of a pudding sufficient to feed six people was $1 — the equivalent of $13.10 in 2020 dollars.

O. H. Johnson shipped out nearly 2,000 barrels of “choice apples” picked from his orchard on Street Road.

In a Nov. 19 road game, the Ticonderoga High School basketball team defeated Port Henry 30–13.

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