Century-old Ti — Fighting TB

Maury Thompson
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This is the latest in a series of posts about news reported a century ago in the Ticonderoga Sentinel.

The Adirondacks already was known as a place where people came for treatment of The Great White Plague.

Now a local effort was being launched to prevent the infection and increase the early detection and treatment of tuberculosis among Essex County residents.

State Sen. Mortimer Y. Ferris, R-Ticonderoga was elected president of the Essex County Tuberculosis Committee at the organizing meeting June 29, 1920 at Glenwood Inn at Westport.

“This means that from now on a systematic, organized effort will by be made to slay the disease in this county,” the Ticonderoga Sentinel reported on July 1, 1920.

The committee started off with $1,422 in funds — the equivalent of $17,528 in 2020 dollars — derived from the county’s share of proceeds from the annual Christmas Seals sale the previous December.

Meanwhile, Helen Hughes, who had recently died from TB, was to be memorialized in a new chapel to be constructed at Silver Bay Association in Hague.

Helen, the daughter of former New York Gov. Charles Evans Hughes, had become ill while attending a Vassar College alumni reunion at Silver Bay in 1919.

In other July 1, 1920 Ticonderoga Sentinel news:

The Ladies’ Soldality Society of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church raised more than $200 — the equivalent of $2,465 in 2020 dollars — at a lawn party and carnival on June 29.

“Enlivening music by the band added materially to the general enjoyment and contributed largely to the success of the affair.”

The Ticonderoga Band was schedule to play at the Ausable Forks Fourth of July celebration.

Horace Moses returned to Springfield, Vt., after a week at Alhoma cottage.

Billy Taft shipped out June 28 on a summer job as assistant steward on the American Lines ship S. S. St. Paul, headed for England and France.

The “Mineville Nine” defeated the Graphite baseball team 7–0 at Mineville.

The Thirteen Club on June 25 gave a surprise birthday party for Emma Cook at her home on Lake George.

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