Century-old Ti — Harding ‘landslide’


This is the latest in a series of posts about news reported a century ago in the Ticonderoga Sentinel.

Warren Harding carried Ticonderoga by a better than 4-to-1 margin in the 1920 presidential election, outperforming the victorious Ohio Republican’s national share of 60.3 percent of the popular vote.

Harding received 1,467 votes in Ticonderoga, while Democrat James Cox received 355 votes.

District 3, where Harding received 199 votes and Cox 118, was the only Ticonderoga voting district where the vote was closer than a 2-to-1 margin.

“A landslide it veritably was,” the Ticonderoga Sentinel reported on Nov. 4, 1920.

Throughout Essex County, Harding received 8,040 votes and Cox 2,219.

Only 60 absentee votes were cast in Essex County, a relatively low number for that era.

In other Nov. 4, 1920 Ticonderoga Sentinel news:

Ladies of the Church of the Cross raised more than $400 — the equivalent of $5,258 in 2020 dollars — at a rummage sale.

Jesse Butler of Graphite was attempting to find out who secretly took four of his young hens and replaced them with four roosters.

“That must be a one-sided trade.”

R.S. Dutton of Crown Point purchased Frank Starett’s timber holdings at Chilson and planned to open a saw mill on the Ticonderoga-Schroon Lake Road.

On Oct. 30 the Ticonderoga High School basketball team defeated Silver Bay 28–21 at Silver Bay.

Richard Curran sold his North Ticonderoga farm to Frank Birbaum, who was moving from Chilson.

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Maury Thompson

Freelance history writer and documentary film producer from Ticonderoga, NY