Century-old Ti — Underdog wins croquet tournament

This is the latest in a series of posts about news reported a century ago in the Ticonderoga Sentinel.

No doubt the handle at Eagle Lake on Aug. 27, 1920 was significantly less than a typical day at Saratoga.

H. Patterman was favored two-to-one to win the annual croquet tournament at Eduet Lodge Court. But Mr. Bodomer pulled out a surprise upset and won the trophy.

Eagle Lake was a busy place as the end of the summer.

A new post office opened at Eagle Lake Inn, pileated woodpeckers were spotted in the vicinity, and music was in the evening air.

“The cornetist who serenades the lake each evening should not keep us in suspense between toots,” the Eagle Lake correspondent quipped in the Ticonderoga Sentinel on Sept. 2, 1920.

In other Sept. 2, 1920 Ticonderoga Sentinel news:

Gordon Burleigh, Daniel Hopkins, Harold Page and James Porter motored to Westport the evening of Aug. 27 to attend the fair.

Other than the first inning, the Silver Bay baseball team had a pretty good game at the Graphite diamond on Aug. 27.

The final score was 6–2 in favor of the Graphite Nine. Take away the first inning, and the score would have been 2–1 in favor of Silver Bay.

“Graphite made five runs in the first inning. Then it settled down to a pitching duel with Burghey hurling a shade the better.”

J.L. Jenkins of Hague advertised for 20 men to work a logging job at salaries ranging from $60 to $100 a month — the equivalent of $777 to $1,295 in 2020 dollars.

The Ironville correspondent reported: “Black berries are very scarce while other berries have been very plentiful.”

Edward Bradley graduated Albany Business College.

Local churches were scheduled to host speakers on Sunday for the annual Anti-Saloon League Field Day in Essex County.

The Rev. W.H. Marsh of Albany was to speak in the morning at Ticonderoga Methodist Episcopal, in the afternoon at Chilson Methodist Episcopal, and in the evening at Putnam United Presbyterian.

The Rev. A. O. Malonberg of New York City was to speak in the morning at Ticonderoga Baptist and in the afternoon at Valley View Chapel.

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