Combined families — Chicken pie supper

Maury Thompson
1 min readAug 23, 2020

This is the latest in an occasional series of posts about the daughters of Samuel Pruyn and their families that lived in the three houses that now are the campus of The Hyde Collection art museum in Glens Falls.

Mary Hoopes was on the organizing committee of the Vassar College alumni bazaar and supper Dec. 2, 1921 at Christ Church Methodist.

More than 200 people attended.

“The affair was a great success,” The Post-Star reported on Dec. 3. “The tables were tastefully decorated with pine and red berries.”

The success could be attributed, in part, to the reputation of the chief cook.

“Mrs. Arthur Lyle will give one of her celebrated chicken pie suppers. This will be as good as any Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner,” The Post-Star reported on Dec. 1. “Instead of chicken pie, patrons may have scalloped oysters and with them go mashed potatoes, delicious home made rolls, the famous cabbage salad and, ala Mrs. Crowe, home made pumpkin pies and cheese.”

In other historic Combined Families news:

On Aug. 2, 1913 the Lake George Mirror reported that Maurice Hoopes held dinner party at the Lake George Club.

On July 18, 1914 the Lake George Mirror reported that Maurice Hoopes held a dinner party for 11 people at the Lake George Club.

On Nov. 26, 1921 The Post-Star reported that Maurice and Mary Hoopes were visiting for a few days with family at Westchester, Pa.

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