Douglass Crockwell — “The Yearling”

Maury Thompson
1 min readJul 10, 2022

An Oscar and Golden Globe award-winning film was coming to town.

“A brilliant cast will bring the characters of Marjorie Rawlings’ prize-winning novel, ‘The Yearling’ to life at The Strand (in Hudson Falls) screen tomorrow in M-G-M’s Technicolor screen version of this stirring show of Florida backwoods life,” The Morning Star reported on July 12, 1947.

M-G-M brought child actor Claude Jarman Jr. to the screen in his debut role, and illustrator Douglass of Glens Falls brought Jody, the character that Jarman portrayed, and his fawn Flag to life in art.

Crockwell designed and sketched the movie advertising poster that depicts a scene from the movie.

M-G-M, to help promote the movie, offered free 8 x10 color reproductions of the poster to those who paid 15 cents for postage, The Evening Star of Washington, D.C. advertised on Oct. 27, 1946.

The poster could be acquired by writing “The Yearling.” c/o P.O. Box 1077, Grand Central Annex, New York, 17, N.Y.

“The Yearling” also was screened locally at Fort Edward Theatre on Sept. 30, 1947, and at The State Theatre in Glens Falls Nov. 15–17, 1947.

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