Downtown 1889 — Barrel hoops, hay bales and a cow change hands

A new young men’s social club of about 20 members was established at Glens Falls.

The Laurel Club leased space at the new Leavens building on Ridge Street to hold meetings and events, The Morning Star reported on Feb. 6, 1889.

The club was to hold its first “hop’ on Feb. 12, with music by the four-piece George N. Nichols Orchestra.

About 40 people attended, and danced from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., The Morning Star reported the next day.

“The success and pleasure … bespeaks a prosperous career for the organization.”

In other downtown news collected from February 1889 issues of The Morning Star:

  • I am reminded of the Broadway tune, “Get Me to the Church on Time.”

But these passengers, bound for the neighboring village on the opposite side of the Hudson River, weren’t going to a wedding.

“Those who wish to ride to South Glens Falls to attend revival meetings which are conducted there nightly can do so for the sum of five cents (the equivalent of $1.61 in 2022 dollars) each way. The team will leave C.R. Mott’s at 8:15 and Ballard & Howe’s furniture store at 8:30. Would be passengers are requested to be on time.” — Feb. 6

  • This carriage was bound for a lot farther distance than South Glens Falls.

Joubert & White, the Warren Street carriage maker for the rich and famous, received an order from Glasgow, Scotland for a buckboard carriage. — Feb. 4

  • It was a busy day at the hay market on South Street.

“A Star reporter counted nine loads of hay and five loads of wood awaiting purchase at one time.” — Feb. 12

  • This 85-year-old up-county resident witnessed the steady acceleration in pace of doing business.

“C.W. Smith, a well-known resident of Horicon, who has reached four score and five, drove to Glens Falls yesterday with a load of hoops.”

Presumably these were wooden hoops used to hold lids on barrels.

“He has made similar trips every winter since boyhood, and when in his teens used to ride on a load of hoops behind an ox train. It was slow traveling, but in those days people were not accustomed to doing things at the mile-a-minute gait now adopted in every line of business.” — Feb 13

  • I wonder if the hotel guests noticed the difference?

“Landlord McSweeney sold his fine Jersey Cow yesterday to W.G. Rogers, and Central House guests will have to use common, every-day cream in their coffee this morning.” — Feb.14

  • A good deal:

“Nineteen cents will buy a good cap that will keep your ears warm. Rochester Clothing Company.”

  • Which side of Glen Street gets the most sunlight?

“The spectacle of men and boys on the sunny side of Glen Street yesterday afternoon, basking in Old Sol’s genial genial rays, had a spring-like aspect.” — Feb. 15

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Freelance history writer and documentary film producer from Ticonderoga, NY

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Maury Thompson

Freelance history writer and documentary film producer from Ticonderoga, NY