Downtown 1889 — Diamond winner

Maury Thompson
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A.M. Call, a bachelor of South Glens Falls, suddenly increased his chances of wedded bliss, desired or not, when he had the winning ticket for the annual drawing for a diamond ring at the L.P. Juvet jewelry store in downtown Glens Falls.

“It is said that no rose is without its thorns,” The Morning Star reported on Jan. 5, 1889. “The young man has already received a number of propositions from young ladies anxious to have him call them his own.”

Another lucky winner would turn coffee into gold, figuratively speaking.

“J.S. Powers, the Warren Street grocer, offers a prize of ten dollars in gold to the person guessing nearest the number of coffee beans in a glass jar in his store,” The Morning Star reported on Jan. 5.

In other January 1889 downtown Glens Falls news reported in The Morning Star:

  • You can believe it was the best butter.

“A specimen of butter from Glens Falls creamery, exhibited at the meeting of the Vermont State Dairyman’s Association, was highly spoken of by the judges who pronounced it the finest butter ever exhibited.” — Jan. 21

  • An entrepreneur was calling on downtown Glens Falls barbers to take a census of local residents with bald heads.

“S.G. Ford, of Schenectady, came here yesterday to introduce a preparation for supplying bald heads with a luxuriant growth of hair. If Mr. Ford’s remedy will do what he claims for it, he will have a popular bonanza.” — Jan. 18

  • The Mansion House hotel installed incandescent electric lights in the dining room and office. — Jan. 19
  • I wonder if coleslaw was on the menu at this major social event at the home of Dr. George Little on Ridge Street?

“Mrs. D.B. Hill gave a dinner party to the Cabbage Club at the residence of Dr. Little last evening as a compliment to her friend, Miss E.L. Tappan, of Troy. The invitations, acceptances and repasts were unique, and the affair itself was very enjoyable.” — Jan. 24

  • The printing contract for this wholesale grocery supplier must have been lucrative.

“W.H. Stewart & Co. have issued their annual catalogue from their Glens Falls and Fort Edward grocery houses. It is a book of fifty-two pages and will be found very handy for reference in the cook room.” — Jan. 30

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