Downtown 1889— Window screens and practical shoes

“Yesterday afternoon a wagon load of window screens passed up Glen Street, and were unloaded at G.E. Adams store,” The Morning Star of Glens Falls reported on May 3, 1889. “Although there seemed to be enough of them to supply all of Glens Falls, and a part of Washington County, the proprietors of the establishment informed us that that quantity constituted their usual spring order, and that owning to the great popularity of their adjustable screens, the demand would clean them out before the mosquitoes nest again.”

Long Brothers store on Glen Street in downtown Glens Falls was carrying a new design of shoes that was manufactured at Gloversville, The Morning Star of Glens Falls reported on April 4, 1889.

“The uppers are grained leather and the sole is wood, almost an inch-and-a-half thick, plentifully stumbled with bob nails. These shoes are designed for use in mills, tanneries and other places where there are wet floors.”

“Street Commissioner O’Connor did acceptable work yesterday when he had the cross-walks cleaned,” The Morning Star reported on April 3.

“The bowling alley at the Athletic Association rooms still continues to be very attractive to the members and their friends, and some of the players are becoming very expert,” The Morning Star reported on April 4.

“‘For heaven’s sake, look at that car running up the track without any engine drawing it!’ shouted an employee of one of the lime companies, who was loading a car in the freight yard at the depot on Wednesday,” The Morning Star reported on April 12. “A railroad man who heard he remark explained that the novel object was the new combination locomotive-car recently constructed for the Delaware and Hudson Company. It was in charge of Chief Engineer Swift, who was out on a tour of inspection of the Glens Falls and Lake George branches.”

“Marcus Granger will shake a good deal from now till next fall at the Granger House. He has just received the necessary apparatus for making milk shakes, and it is set up and ready for operation,” The Morning Star reported on April 27.

“After today, no bicycle riding or ball playing will be permitted on the Glens Falls Driving Park,” The Morning Star reported on May 2. “This step is taken by the members to prevent the ground being almost entirely monopolized by lovers of these sports.”

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Maury Thompson


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