Ed Bartholomew had deep roots in Christ Church

On Feb. 10, 1963, Edward Bartholomew and four other members of Boy Scout Troop 4 received God and Country awards at Christ Church Methodist in Glens Falls.

The other scouts were Robert Johnson, David Madden, Charles Coffin and Richard Phelps.

The scouts had spent a year studying with the Rev. Herbert B. Bowen, associate pastor of Christ Church, to prepare for the award.

Ed, who died July 21, 2020, was devoted to Christ Church, and the Methodist tradition, his entire life.

He often quoted passages from John Wesley sermons and lines from Charles Wesley hymns.

At age 13 Ed began ushering with Usher Group 3, to which his father, Edward Bartholomew Sr., also belonged.

A couple of years later Ed moved over to Usher Group 5, captained by Charles Stewart.

In 1963 Ed was elected president of the Junior High Fellowship.

In April 1967, while still in high school, he presented to the Christ Church Adult Fellowship a lecture titled “Domino at the 30th Parallel,” about conditions in South Africa.

On Dec. 29, 1968, Ed and David Patton led worship on Student and Servicemen Recognition Day.

On Dec. 27, 1970, Ed spoke on Student and Servicemen Recognition Day on the topic “Christian Faith In My Generation.”


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Maury Thompson

Freelance history writer and documentary film producer from Ticonderoga, NY