Glens Falls in 1945 — Paper carriers sell war savings stamps

Post-Star and Glens Falls Times carriers hawked more than just newspapers during World War II.

They sold three million war savings stamps, aggregating $300,000 — the equivalent of nearly $4.3 million in 2020 dollars — during seven rounds of the Newspaper Boys’ War Savings Campaign.

In honor of the achievement, shipbuilder Andrew J. Higgins presented the Glens Falls Post Co. with a model of an L.C.V.P. landing craft made into a “handsome metal trophy.”

“The model is complete even to the tiny steering wheel of the craft. Shown in bas-relief on the sides of base are two other craft made by the Higgins Company,” The Post-Star reported on Dec. 22, 1945.

Each participating carrier received a tie clasp replica of an L.C.V.P. landing craft.


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Maury Thompson

Freelance history writer and documentary film producer from Ticonderoga, NY