History threads — Garment industry consolidation

This is the latest in an occasional series of posts about the history of the garment industry in Warren, Washington and Essex counties.

Consolidation in the local garment industry in 1920 bode well for the Glens Falls economy.

“An important business transaction was completed yesterday when the Fulton Shirt Company took over the plants of the B.B. Waist Company, the Lafayette Shirt Company, and the Hamilton Trading Company,” The Post-Star reported on Feb. 27, 1920.

The new company’s main offices and operations would be at the Lafayette plant at the corner of South and Elm streets, and cutting and storage would be at the E.B. Waist plant.

The company would also have an office at 122 Fifth Ave. in New York City.

The combined operation opened March 1 with 200 employees, and had plans to hire 50 more.

“The company’s new quarters have been entirely remodeled, the factory has been completely renovated and many improvements made in the stitching, cutting and laundry rooms,” The Post-Star reported on March 1, 1920. “All the labor saving and safety devices found in the largest and most up-to-date factories in the country have been installed, and everything made for the welfare of the company’s employees.”

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