Maury Thompson

Jul 8, 2021

1 min read

Joubert & White sleigh

Joubert & White of Glens Falls was known in the 19th century for construction of carriages and buckboard wagons.

The Warren Street vehicle manufacturer also made sleighs, and not the typical one-horse open variety.

In this case, it was a luxurious sleigh with silver mountings imported from Birmingham, England.

On Dec. 8, 1886, Joubert & White shipped a custom-designed sleigh valued at $800 — the equivalent of $22,910 in 2021 dollars — to Harry S. Leech, a wealthy Saratoga Springs resident.

“It was constructed from a design of Mr. Leech’s own conception, and is unique in all its bearings,” The Morning Star of Glens Falls reported on Dec. 9.

It was a “four-in-hand vehicle,” meaning that one driver controlled four horses.

It was built in a curved “swell body” construction.

The sleigh, which could carry up to 16 passengers, had four seats, upholstered in green broadcloth, with cushioned backs reaching a passenger’s head for comfort and safety.

The second and third seats faced each other, and the back seat was elevated slightly so that it overlooked the others.

The sleigh was painted “ a rich bottle green” with two decorative lines of carmine, a shade of deep red.

“The sleigh bears the family crest on either side of the driver’s seat.”

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