LG tourism — June 1888

  • On June 13, Walter Brown left employment at The Morning Star to take a summer job as a bell hop at the Hotel Marion in Lake George.
  • The Crosbyside Hotel “bus,” a horse-drawn vehicle that transported multiple passengers, had been “remodeled and handsomely decorated” by carriage maker Nelson LaSalle of Glens Falls.
  • L.T. Cooke of Whitehall opened the Maple Grove House at Huletts Landing for the season, The Morning Star reported on June 15.
  • Harry E. Tidmarsh of Sandy Hill left to spend the summer working as clerk Horicon Lodge.
  • The steamer Ticonderoga was scheduled to begin its regular trips on June 18, as day-trip tourism was ramping up.
  • “Six carloads of excursionists from Albany yesterday visited Lake George and recreated on Fourteen Mile Island,” The Morning Star reported on June 20.
  • A. Kinney, a fish dealer from Fort Edward, made sales calls at Lake George hotels on June 21.
  • The Sagamore at Bolton Landing was set to “formally” open for the season on June 23, but had guests before then.
  • Professor E.O. Sylvester, of the Glens Falls Commercial College, was set to leave for Lake George the last week of June to work for the summer as a clerk at the Fort George Hotel.
  • Joubert & White carriage makers of Glens Falls constructed a buckboard wagon for H.J. Pelkey of Lake George to add to his livery vehicle fleet, The Morning Star reported on June 25, 1888.
  • On June 25, The Morning Star reported on occupancy at hotels and boarding houses at Katskill Bay.
  • S.D. Brown, who had been working as a salesman at The Rochester Clothing Co. store in Glens Falls, returned to Lake George for the summer to work as clerk at the Central House, a hotel that his father owned and operated.
  • James Buchanan Henry, nephew of President Buchanan, and family arrived to spend the season at Lake George.
  • Reporters in Glens Falls were watching all the summer residents pass through on their way to Lake George.



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Maury Thompson

Maury Thompson

Freelance history writer and documentary film producer from Ticonderoga, NY