LG tourism — May 1889

Maury Thompson
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Lake George hotel operators were making improvements in preparation for the 1889 tourism season.

“The Fort William Henry Hotel is undergoing improvements in the way of painting, the erection of buildings on the grounds, and the introduction of floral and shrubbery decorations,” The Morning Star of Glens Falls reported on May 18.

Improvements included construction of a new two-story club house near the lake shore,” The Morning Star reported on May 29.

George Brown, owner of the Central House, had the hotel painted and made other improvements, including construction of a billard parlor and refurbishing of most guest rooms.

Dr. Stevens and wife, the Rev. Howard Wallace, and A.R. Dubois and wife had reserved rooms for the season.

The Carpenter House, under new management, was poised for a promising season.

About 40 couples, including 20 members of the The Laurel Club, a social club at Glens Falls for young single men, and their dates, attended a dance May 22 to open the Locust Grove House hotel at Bolton Landing for the season.

The Glens Falls contingent traveled to Caldwell in two large horse-drawn wagons, and then boarded the steamboat Geneva.

“At midnight, Landlord Fish served an appetizing supper,” The Morning Star reported on May 24.

The Glens Falls contingent left at 3 a.m. and arrived back at Glens Falls at 6 a.m.

On May 27, the steamer Horicon made its first trip of the season from Caldwell to Ticonderoga, and back, The Morning Star reported the next day.

“She carried six passengers, two of which were from Glens Falls.”

There was less than a dozen passengers on the return trip.

“The Horicon has been subjected to many improvements since last fall, and presents a very neat appearance. Captain Manville is again in command and John D. Reeves has assumed his old position as purser.”

Repairs to the River Queen, the excursion boat of the Fort William Henry Hotel, were being made to get ready for the tourist season, The Morning Star reported on May 29.

The Sagamore hotel at Bolton Landing was set to open for the season June 22.

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