Maury Thompson

Mar 24, 2020

1 min read

Local Suffrage History — Naming a village

If women had suffrage in 1875 the village of Hudson Falls might still be called Sandy Hill.

“Three hundred and twenty persons signed the petition to change the name of Sandy Hill to Hudson Falls, and as there is no organized effort against it, the Legislature will probably pass a law making the desired change,” The Glen’s Falls Republican reported on March 16, 1875.

It turned out there was organized opposition after all.

“The ladies of Sandy Hill protest against the name being changed, and have petitioned the Legislature advocating their opinion in the matter,” the Republican reported on April 27, 1875.

“The funny part of the programme is that the husbands, brothers and cousins of the interested ladies nearly all signed the petition asking for the change. — If the women could cast a vote on the subject they would undoubtedly gain their point.”

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