Music history — “Great is Glens Falls’

Maury Thompson
1 min readSep 28, 2021


The reputation of Glens Falls as a cultural mecca was spreading in the region.

“Great is Glens Falls,” The Granville Sentinel editorialized on July 4, 1890, concluding a column on the topic of music in the Warren County village.

“Glens Falls boasts of having thirty music teachers,” the Sentinel column began.

“In a paroxysm of ecstasy over this fact the twinkling Star (newspaper) of that place turns a double somersault and exclaims: ‘Who says the taste of music is not cultivated here? On the theory that music is one of the standards of refinement, who shall say that we are not progressing in one branch, at least, in the direction of a cultured refinement.”

In other music history collected from regional historic newspapers:

  • On Oct. 15, 1971, The Post-Star reported that Edgar Tatko of Granville, Lora Sue Eckhardt of Indian Lake and Douglas Fish of North Creek were performing with the Ithaca College Symphonic Band.
  • On Nov. 29,1946, The Post-Star reported that 300 people attended the Glens Falls Elks Lodge annual charity ball on Thanksgiving eve. Les Bernard and his Tuxedo Five, of Albay, with vocalist Cynthe White, performed from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.
  • On Nov.29, 1946, The Post-Star reported that Hudson Falls Junior High School students on Nov. 27 presented the operetta “Thirty Minutes with the Pilgrims” by H.L. Bland.

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