Pianist summers at Lake George in 1918

Maury Thompson
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Noted pianist and organist Sara Sokolsky-Fried vacationed at Lake George for the summer of 1918.

“Madame Sokolsky-Fried finds much congeniality in the atmosphere of Lake George this season since it is the harbor for a number of musical celebrities this summer and looks forward to enjoying as well as contributing to the musical programs of the season,” The Lake George Mirror reported on July 20, 1918.

Leopold Auer and about 30 of his violin students also spent the summer of 1918 at Lake George.

Here are some other local music history fun facts:

  • On June 14, 1946, The Post-Star reported that Virginia de Blasiis of Glens Falls would be on the staff of the first national composer’s conference and chamber music center to be held Aug. 17–31 at Middlebury College.

“The aim is to provide experienced criticism of scores and a program of discussion, instruction and performance. It is designed not only for those interested in composing professionally, but also for persons desiring a better understanding of how serious composing is accomplished.”

  • On July 5, 1946, Post-Star music columnist Brunnhilde Decker McCune quoted from the recent Institution of Musical Art commencement speech by William Schuman, president of Julliard School of Music:

“We have need in music today, as always, for great teachers, but teachers, as in our own school, must be top-flight musicians. There must be no turning to teaching because of failure in another direction. Teaching is more than a noble profession. It is a great art.”

  • On July 5, 1946, The Post-Star reported that Ray LaFarr and his orchestra would play for the opening of the Glen Lake Casino at Glen Lake that evening,

LaFarr was a well-known local theater and church organist.

  • On May 29, 1971, The Post-Star reported that musician Brooks Tillotson of Fort Edward played French horn on a pickle commercial that was broadcast on national television.
  • On June 24, 1971, The Post-Star reported that the Prague Madrigal Singers would perform their first concert in the United States on June 28 at Canfield Casino in Saratoga Springs.

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