Silver Bay in 1910 — Busy conference season

Maury Thompson
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Mrs. Addison R. Poland headed up a delegation of about 40 women that boarded the night boat departing Newark, N.J. on July 4, 1910.

The delegation was heading north on the Hudson River to attend the Young Women’s Christian Association annual New York City student’s conference at Silver Bay Association at Hague on Lake George.

Ruth Tapping, religious secretary, and Margaret Webster, extension secretary, were among the delegation.

About 400 delegates attended the conference.

The previous week about 700 delegates representing nearly 100 colleges attended the YWCA Eastern Regional student conference, held a week earlier than previous summers because Silver Bay had booked a busier conference schedule.

“That Silver Bay is a busy place and is run in a business-like way is evidenced by the fact that from June 26th to Sept. 4, not a day goes by but what there is some conference in session,” the Lake George Mirror reported. “Everything is planned beforehand to the minute, so that when the chapel bell is rung there is no excitement or confusion.”

Other conferences were as follows:

July 14–22 — Young People’s Missionary Movement, Sunday School department

July 22-Aug 1 — Young People’s Missionary Movement, Foreign workers

Aug. 2–31 — Young Men’s Christian Association International conferences

Sept. 1–6 — YMCA Secretaries conference

Silver Bay Association reported in its end-of-the season annual report that conferences during August had delegates from 28 states and 18 foreign countries.

“It is again our pleasure to again report all bills paid and a small surplus from operations for the season.”

The Association purchased 160 acres of timberland directly behind Inspiration Point.

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