The Pavilion — Historians dine with the Pells in 1921

This is the latest in an occasional series of posts based on historic news reports about The Pavilion at Fort Ticonderoga.

The Rev. William Martine Beauchamp of Syracuse, a 92-year-old researcher of the history of the Iroquois, was among about 150 members of the New York State Historical Society that were luncheon guests of Stephen H.P and Sarah Thompson Pell at The Pavilion on Oct. 5,1921.

State Historian James Sullivan and William Abbott of Tarrytown, editor of The Magazine of History, were among others that ventured north via steam boat from Lake George village, where the society was holding its annual convention.

Members of the Ticonderoga Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution also attended the luncheon.

“The guests, coming from all parts of the state, were served luncheon at The Pavilion, and in early afternoon visited the many points of interest on the historic grounds, adding much to their store of knowledge of colonial history,” the Ticonderoga Sentinel reported on Oct. 6. “It was in every way a delightful and interesting occasion, and the members of the society were most lavish in praising of their hosts.”

The delegation left the Baldwin Dock at 4 p.m. to return to Lake George.

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