Weather rambling — Snow for Thanksgiving

Glens Falls had a white Thanksgiving in 1884.

“Another foretaste of winter came yesterday afternoon in the shape of a snowstorm which was succeeded last night by chilling blasts that seemed to have been wafted from the North Pole,” The Morning Star reported on Nov. 6.

Nine days before Thanksgiving, another cold front moved in, and Lake Luzerne residents awoke to find the Hudson River frozen over.

“Yesterday was ushered in with full-fledged January weather, contrasting with that of the day previous, necessitating the resurrection of mid-winter wraps, and rendering the vicinity of coal fires desirable.”

The next day it snowed — about six inches at French Mountain, about five inches at Lake Luzerne, and left “the ground covered with a carpet of white” at Glens Falls.

Two days before Thanksgiving it snowed again, continuing into the wee hours of the next morning.

“A snowstorm set in about noon yesterday and continues without signs of abating at this writing — 1 a.m.,” The Morning Star reported on Nov. 26. “The prospects are encouraging for those who hoped for a Thanksgiving sleigh ride.”

Indeed, there was good sleighing weather on Thanksgiving and beyond.

“The weather has been quite wintry for two or three days past and overcoats and mittens are again in fashion,” The Morning Star reported on Nov. 29. “About four inches of snow fell (at Lake Luzerne) on Tuesday evening, which has been used by some who are anxious for a sleigh ride.”

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