WWSC countdown to 75 — ‘Grandma’ Moses

Maury Thompson
Nov 16, 2020


Artist “Grandma” Moses of Eagle Bridge in Rensselaer County was “guest of honor” in the WGLN studio on May 31, 1949 studio for the first anniversary broadcast of “Women Generally Speaking.”

“As always, ‘Grandma’ Moses was the center of attention, without exerting one iota of effort to be so,” The Post-Star reported the next day. “The beloved lady — who recently made a trip to be honored nationally for their outstanding achievements during 1948 — is an artist of living as well as an artist with brushes and oils.”

The show later was broadcast on WWSC, after the two Glens Falls radio stations merged.

Other studio guests were artist Douglas Crockwell, Joseph Dodge, curator of The Hyde Collection art museum, and about a dozen station staff, business leaders and socialites.

Mary Pulford, a senior at Skidmore College who planned to open an art studio in Glens Falls after graduation, drew caricatures of the guests as souvenirs.

“Steve Davis, who as a sports caster claims no musical talent, did, however, ‘with the consent of his father and mother,’ deliver musical selections from the piano, thus adding to the pleasantness of the occasion.”

WGLN had a Steinway grand piano in the studio.

Jessica White and Carol Hunter were co-hosts of the show, broadcast daily Monday-Friday at 11:30 a.m.

“That the show has gained an extensive and loyal following, there is no doubt.”

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Maury Thompson

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